Giving Dad The Credit He’s Due

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So often we moms get all the credit for kids who grow up to become wonderful people. Today, I would like to consider the dad part of the parenting formula, in particular, the father of my children.

My first thoughts are memories of how nervous he was throughout my first pregnancy. He would channel all of his nervous energy to setting up the nursery. He would paint walls and painstakingly paint and detail the trim. He would immerse himself in his music and assemble cribs, bassinets and all sorts of baby gadgets.


Belly Dancing Therapy

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I have anxiety issues. I confess I am a stereo-typical, high strung, creative type.  I seem to be filled with an overabundance of nervous energy. The best way for me to manage this excess energy in a positive way, is to channel it into an activity that will trigger the release of endorphins and dopamines and serotonin. This goes a long way to avoiding a full fledged anxiety attack when the pressure of a stressful situation is staring me in the face.


Hold The Mayo!

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As my husband and I grow older, we attempt to age gracefully. One method we practice is healthy eating. It has recently been brought to my attention as I slathered mayonnaise on my sandwich that I really should be paying more attention to the effect condiments may be having on my health. “Condiments?” I asked, incredulously. I mean, seriously, we’re only talking about a tablespoon here or a tablespoon there of this or that. Is it really that important? Well, after I became a little more informed I discovered that, yes, it is really that important.


Post Workout Yoga

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To keep fit I do a tiny bit of weight lifting coupled with lots of time on my indoor exercise bike. Although I enjoy the benefits of strength training and a vigorous cardio workout, it wasn’t until I began to integrate some Yoga poses that I really felt my exercise program was complete.


Advice From Centenarians

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What are the secrets to long life? With advanced medical technology and all the advice of nutritionists and health experts, it would seem like it shouldn’t be such a big mystery. However, whenever someone turns one hundred years old, there is some journalist somewhere in the world who makes headline news writing about it. So, living long is still a very big deal. What makes centenarians so special?