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Post Workout Yoga

Health and More By August 11, 2015 No Comments

To keep fit I do a tiny bit of weight lifting coupled with lots of time on my indoor exercise bike. Although I enjoy the benefits of strength training and a vigorous cardio workout, it wasn’t until I began to integrate some Yoga poses that I really felt my exercise program was complete.


Advice From Centenarians

Lifestyle By July 3, 2015 No Comments

What are the secrets to long life? With advanced medical technology and all the advice of nutritionists and health experts, it would seem like it shouldn’t be such a big mystery. However, whenever someone turns one hundred years old, there is some journalist somewhere in the world who makes headline news writing about it. So, living long is still a very big deal. What makes centenarians so special?


I’m The Fat Sister

Lifestyle By June 24, 2015 No Comments

It seems I’m fat because I’m the oldest of four daughters. Just another reason to hate my baby sister. I don’t really hate her, but it makes for a good read to say something so obnoxious. It is true. I am fatter than my youngest sister. In fact, I’m fatter than all of my sisters. I just thought it was because I was older and when they reached the age I am now they would achieve the same level of fatness. Now that I’ve read the new findings from a study at the University of Auckland, I have discovered that I will always be the fattest simply because I am the oldest.


Backpack Blues

Lifestyle By May 28, 2015 No Comments

My kids have gone back to school and I fully expect my eighth grader to come down with a serious case of scoliosis by the Christmas holidays. I mean, what is up with schools expecting these kids to haul around backpacks that feel as if they are loaded down with about half a dozen bricks? At least if the kids are expected to do this kind of weightlifting all day they could load their lousy school lunches with more carbs and protein.


My Millennial Children

Health and More By April 9, 2015 No Comments

My children are definitely indicative of the new generation known as the Millennials. I have two sons and two daughters so I get a pretty balanced perspective as I observe them navigate their way into adulthood. Their ideas on education, politics, careers, family, friends, marriage and parenthood have their own unique qualities distinct from my own generation, the Generations X’ers.