I sit. I sit a lot. It seems I am at my computer all day long pecking away at the keys only getting up when I can’t hold it any longer and then I go sit on the toilet. I go back to the computer to sit and peck until I get hungry. Then I go to the kitchen, fix something to eat, then sit down to eat my meal. What if I could put all this sitting around to good use and multi-task in a novel way?  I could sit, work and exercise all at the same time. These are some of the exercises I could do while sitting on my fanny:

The Chair Dip: For a shoulder and triceps workout while sitting down, I scoot to the edge of my chair, arms down by my side, fingers gently gripping the edge of the seat. While shifting by body weight forward, I suspend my body over my seat for five seconds then lower myself to my seat. I do three sets of ten repetitions.

Arm Circles: For a shoulder workout that strengthens my posture, I raise my arms straight out to my side, forming a T. I flex and extend my stretch backwards as if I were attempting to get my shoulder blades to touch one another. I hold this posture while circling my arms in a forward motion twenty times, then backwards twenty times. I do three sets of twenty repetitions each direction.

Chair Jumping Jacks: For a bit of a cardio workout while sitting, I do a sitting version of jumping jacks. I scoot to the edge of my chair, then open and close my arms and legs in a jumping jack motion as fast as I can. I do three sets of twenty repetitions.

Leg Extensions: To strengthen and tone my thighs and hips, I simply have to extend my legs and hold them. First, I sit on the edge of my chair with my arms down by my sides. I lift my right leg straight out in from of me, flexing my foot with my heel touching the floor, then I lift that leg as high as I can while keeping my back straight. Keeping my foot flexed, I hold it for a count of three then lower it to the floor. I do three sets of ten repetitions for each leg.

Chair running: For a cardio workout I sit comfortably in the chair and move my legs and arms rapidly just as I would if I went for a run. I do three sets of three minutes.

It’s pretty common knowledge that being sedentary and sitting around all the time is not beneficial for anyone’s health. For those of us who work eight to ten hours daily sitting at a desk, or, even for a person with mobility issues, a chair workout is a great idea. If a person can move their arms and legs, they can exercise, even if they are stuck in a chair.

Although a chair workout will not deliver the same results as an intense gym routine, ten to fifteen minutes every day can make a significant difference in reducing aches and pains associated with long stretches of sitting. It can also help to alleviate fatigue and invigorate a person who is getting the afternoon sleepy syndrome. Besides, what could it hurt? So join me in some chair exercise! You’ve got nothing to lose.