I have a cute little terrier mix dog that I adopted. I have since turned into one of those crazy dog ladies who puts clothes on her dog. The funny thing is that my dog has her own sense of fashion. There are certain things she does and does not like. For instance, if it has a bow on it, it will soon be shredded.

I am less conscious about my own fashion than I am about my dog’s ensembles. Sometimes my hair is a mess or I forego putting on any jewelry. However, before I step out with my pooch, she is always freshly combed and bedazzled. One might ask how this came about.

When I adopted this adorable little thing, she had been rescued from a “collector”. That’s one of those people who thinks they are doing good in the world by taking in any stray dog they find. Very soon they are overwhelmed and overcrowded and the dogs are once again suffering. My little girl was kept in a little playpen in the kitchen. That was where she slept, ate, and pottied. She was infested with fleas so badly at the time of her rescue, she had lost all of her hair.

When I adopted her, most of her hair had grown back (except on her tail which will always look like a lab rat’s tail). Her skin, however, has stayed very sensitive. Because of that, I often have to apply lotions or sprays to give her relief. This also means she gets frequent medicated baths. For the sake of convenience, I keep her coat cut rather short. This means she is cold all the time. So, she wears clothes. She has a light summer wardrobe and a warm winter wardrobe. She has play clothes, party outfits, and pajamas.

I didn’t start out with the thought of getting a pooch to pamper. My intention was simply to get myself a companion. I had no idea that my companion would be a bit high maintenance. Although, the comfort and joy she brings to the party more than makes up for this unexpected extra effort I must now make to keep her comfortable. She’s definitely worth it.

It seems that once you step over that line of putting clothes on your dog, it’s only natural that eventually you will move a little further into crazy dog lady land and begin to accessorize as well. She now has an assortment of jeweled collars that color coordinate with her outfits.

Since we live near the beach, she also has a lifejacket. Of course, her beach attire would not be complete without some headgear. Hats aplenty she has to choose from and even a pair of sunglasses.

Living near the Gulf coast, I live through hurricane season every year which means that usually at least one month every year there is rain almost every day. My little puppy absolutely hates the rain. She not only despises feeling a drop of rain touch down on her body, but she hates getting her feet wet. The solution is her very own slicker, rain hat and rubber boots. It took her awhile to adjust to the feeling of the boots. After a few hilarious walks, she finally believed her feet were actually touching the ground and walked normal.

I’m sure my neighbors think I have lost my mind when they see my dog and I walking every day and her sporting a fresh outfit. I used to have the same opinion of other crazy dog ladies who dressed up their furry sidekicks. I guess you could say that is karma. Once I was the laugh-er. Now, I am the laugh-ee.