Both me and my husband, and especially our two little girls, if I can call them both that, are quite lucky. We both love to cook. Over the years, however, we’ve learned to economize and are both strong adherents of sustainable living and doing all things around the house, including the things that help us to pay our bills, as organically as possible. This is something that I believe you should be doing all the time if you are doing catering for a living.

Your commercial kitchen use needs to be optimized to the hilt. This means that all operations are proactively carried out and they are streamlined. Effective use of your commercial kitchen means that you are saving both time and money. How you save time is obvious. You need to innovate and improvise all of the time so that you are able to meet all of your deadlines. You need to manage your production and source/supply time very well indeed.

For instance, if you’re going to be preparing roasts for a formal banquet, you’re going to need your reliable and tried and trusted butcher who is supplying you with premium cuts to be fully on board where time management is concerned. The meat must be fresh to retain its inherent goodness and good communications between caterer and butcher ensures that butcher is able to obtain his preferred carcasses from the hygienically-cleared meat wholesalers that double up as organic mini abattoirs, if that’s making sense to you.

I had to wonder whether we could have got into the catering business, but on the smallest scale possible, if you don’t mind. I wouldn’t have been able to take all of the heat. But perhaps, like in my desktop design business, we could have downscaled and focused on delivering quality. But then again, perhaps not. The catering trade is miles apart from the sanctity of my cozy little nook. Now, why did I think we could have made excellent partners in the catering trade?

Let me see. Well, for starters, as husband and wife, we’ve done well as a team. We’ve shared the workload whenever it became necessary to do so. If one was busy with work, the other would prepare the evening meal, and vice versa. We’ve also got our own organic vegetable garden. A curious waist level garden at that. It saves on old me having to bend over to pick fresh ingredients. It’s also good for being able to spot quality pickings with the naked eye.

If that is not good motivation for you to go green then let me try a little harder. You are working from home, right. You are saving phenomenally well on all cost overheads and you needn’t run, or should I say, drive around wasting valuable carbon footprints. You don’t need to scrounge around frustratingly looking for the freshest organic produce possible because, guess what, it’s already outside of your window.

Yes, that’s quite right. I can see our almost eye-level vegetables growing from my kitchen window. I’ve got an old lemon tree growing back yonder as well. It’s an old tree that just keeps on giving and giving. And until such time as I’ve managed to clear my desk and motivate my own self, I’ll keep on giving and giving lemons to the neighbors and family so the lemons don’t go to waste. You have to be asking yourself right now; just think of all the things this old lady could be doing with these lemons.

You are so very right. My sentiments exactly. But wait, there’s still more to come. How about this. Imagine my surprise when my husband imported a few olive trees for our backyard. This guy let me tell you, he did his research very well. The temperate climate that our neighborhood offered these trees allowed them to grow quite nicely, and quite quickly too. And now there are olives. Just think what a catering business we could have had with all this fresh produce right in our own backyard.

My husband has big plans with these olive trees. He is already researching how he is going to cultivate and produce his own olive oil. Don’t look at me like that. Yes, it can be done. You too can produce such goods at home. To round all good things off, oh my gosh, my mouth is watering now; all things are possible for you at home if you’re in the right imaginative and entrepreneurial frame of mind. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking stuff but it does your business no harm to tell others that all your hard work has come from the heart and soul of your kitchen and garden.

It does not have to be catering or desktop design. It could be carpentry or horticultural projects, two things my husband has already dabbled in, in his own sweet time, it could be so many things. The sky is the limit. The world is your oyster. The accolades to the things you could do in and around your kitchen will never end.