I recently heard someone mention a “young” city. I thought they were talking about the city’s actual length of time being recognized as an incorporated entity. Boy, was I wrong. They were actually talking about cities in America that contribute to people remaining youthful. What?

Apparently there was a survey conducted by RealSelf.com. This is a website people can use to search and connect with a doctor in the cosmetic surgery field. Their survey studied cities that had a population of at least 300,000. The data they collected regarded lifestyle and environmental factors that would have an effect on how skin ages. This would include things like average sleep cycles, fitness levels, pollution, sun exposure, stress, and smoking. What they discovered is that where a person lives has a significant impact on the physical appearance of aging.

Minneapolis, Minnesota is supposed to be the prime habitation location for those who want to defy the hands of time. Maybe it has something to do with their extreme winter weather. It might be like experiencing temporary cryogenics every year. Four to six months out of the year the hands of time seemingly freeze in place then begin rolling again after the spring thaw. Locals of Minneapolis seem to enjoy a culture where everyone gets plenty of sleep and works out regularly. If you want to enjoy this same youthful culture but in a warmer client, you can always opt for San Francisco. This city was also on the list of youthful places to live.

Another great place to retain your youthful appearance is Seattle, Washington. One reason could be because the sun rarely makes an appearance. The city enjoys lots of rainfall and almost constant cloud cover. Humidity and very little ultra-violet radiation from the sun are a winning combination in being kind to your skin thus preserving a youthful appearance.

For non-smoking teetotaler, Salt Lake City can’t be beat for living a low stress life that will help you retain the looks of your youth. Even sunny Honolulu is a great place to live to stay young. Despite the abundance of sunshine, the laid back, stress-free lifestyle, much like Salt Lake City, helps inhabitants continue to look as young as they feel.

A person searching for the fountain of youth definitely wants to avoid places that experience high unemployment and cultures of booze and violence. This would include cities like New Orleans, Detroit, Albuquerque and Oklahoma City.

Skincare experts always advise the use of quality skincare products to protect and preserve a person’s skin. However, they admit that the greatest impact comes from a person’s day to day lifestyle. We need to sleep more as we age as well as avoid stress and exercise regularly for intense, short periods of time.

As I examine my own city I find that the positives pretty much balance out the negatives. My personal lifestyle factors are also heavy on the positive sign. I faithfully use sunblock daily whether I plan to step outside my front door or not. I work out regularly according to the recommended guidelines for my age. I hydrate as if I just got rescued from being lost in the desert for a week. And I sleep like the dead, waking when I want. Working from home means my time is my own. No alarm clocks for me. I suppose, in that case, I may also be drinking from the fountain of youth.