Now, I’ve been waiting all afternoon to tell you this story. It’s a true story on love and I’m so excited about what’s been happening in our lives lately. Yes, I’m including my loving and understanding husband and our little daughter in this inspirational story on how entrepreneurs at home, or not, take good care of themselves. You know, once upon a time, we both had our fill with workplace socializing but enough is enough.

Even with the most stringent discipline in place, it’s not always easy for the workplace supervisor to separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, it’s not always easy for employees to focus on their work when they are surrounded by colleagues they either love or hate. I was quite glad to settle in to my new work from home environment, but let me just tell you as a warning. It can get quite lonely over here sometimes.

I spend most of my working time working from my desk. But not caterers. In the successful catering business, the entrepreneur is going to be surrounded with people she both loves and hates, but mostly that she loves, I would hope. Invariably, she’s going to have helpers in her kitchen. She’s going to be doing a great deal of shopping, visiting her regular meat suppliers and confectioners and fruit and vegetable suppliers, hopefully all organic.

They are all happy to see her and can’t stop thanking her enough for her business. If she is anything like me, then the main reason that she keeps on going back to these regular suppliers is that the quality that they are delivering to her at any one time is premium. Let’s put things to you another way. My desktop work is quite a lonely one by comparison. When anything significant happens on the PC, it’s like talking to a bot.

I’d much rather have a dear little puppy to chat to. So imagine my surprise when in walked Sally with my husband and daughter. Sally is a cross-bred little canine orphan that my husband picked up from the animal welfare center and boy, was she glad to be home free at last. She’s no longer a puppy but she’s still young and artful enough to be taught a few tricks on matters related to discipline and effective communicating with her new miss.

So, by the time my husband has left for work in the morning with our girl, first to drop her off at school, then to head off to work, I would normally have the house to myself. Not anymore. By nature and habit, I am an earlier riser than most human beings, except those who have to prep for the early morning radio shows. Sometimes I miss driving into town when it is still so dark and going for my early morning workout before starting with work proper.

My early morning walkout is with Sally. I need to take a break from my desk every few hours, so this little darling is being spoiled with not one, but three walks. She’s been blessed, I tell you, after being abandoned at the welfare center. Why anyone would want to give her up, I have no idea. I mean, look at her, she’s so cute. Well, she sees enough of me as it is. While I’m typing away furiously at my desktop, she just sits there quietly watching me.

Training this little dude has been a lot easier than we thought. But my husband was thinking of me, knowing full well that I needed some company while sitting at home working all by myself.