Nice of you to all join me. I have very exciting news for you. I would normally say that I can’t wait to tell you this story but I have managed to discipline myself and will be saving that story for my next blog post which I’m sure you will all like. It worked for me, so by the time you read that post, call it then a welcome relief from your normal drudgeries of work. Oh, look at me, what am I saying. Talking about drudgery.

That is not a word in my vocabulary. I mean, you should be enjoying what you do in life. If you are into the catering business or working with knitting needles or clay from which you are making things for the kitchen or for decoration, then, as far as I am concerned, you should be enjoying every moment of your work life.  I read and experienced also that, particularly when there are clashes or conflicts in the work environment, the perceived offender means nothing personal or bears no grudge against the perceived victim.

I mean really, guys. I don’t care what they say about this, business to me is personal. As far as I am concerned, and clients love this about you if you can give it to them, the personal touch works best for me. It should work well for you too. So, enjoy your work and personal life. It will rub off positively on your clients. Say, you are baking cookies and savory snacks for a school function. Apart from your eats being absolutely delicious, what gets you back for another function is your warm and sincere smile.

I was going to tell you a bit about my background and what brought me here to this personal blog, with a touch of business, of course, but have decided to reserve that for a later post. I’m working with other projects as we speak and I never really gave much thought to how I wanted to introduce myself to you all. But consider this opening post to be a bit unique. There is no standard About Me or About Emily Page here.

We get right down to business. And my business is to put a happy smile on your face while coaxing, motivating and encouraging you to get down to business in your first forays of small business development and strategizing how you are going to make good use of your time while working from home. Part of my line of work is, indeed, motivating others to be successful in their lives. Other times, yes, I do that too, I am promoting myself.

This is essential and there’s nothing overly and crassly commercial about doing this. Oops, what have I been saying? Its business as usual. I almost said that it wasn’t meant to be personal, but it is, you see. Okay, so while I’m wrapping up this post, let me briefly introduce you to the next lot. The next post will contain the exciting news. It deals with companionship in the work from home space. The post after that, well, there I’ll be talking about myself.

Then after that, I’m going to motivate you with some ideas for your personal and commercial kitchen.